1. Install Haxe.
  2. Install the OpenFL framework and follow the instructions to set up OpenFL.
  3. With the latest version of Haxe and OpenFL installed, open a command prompt (Windows) or terminal (MacOS/Linux) and run haxelib install haxegon.
  4. Install an IDE (for Windows try HaxeDevelop, for MacOS/Linux try Sublime Text). Alternatively, you can use Visual Studio Code with the Haxe Extension Pack installed.
  5. Download a blank Haxegon project to use as a template!

Learn More

We have samples for your reference. Feel free to also browse the full API documentation.

Since 0.12.0, Haxegon has a simple plugin system to extend it’s functionality! You can see a list of all currently available plugins on the Plugins page.

You can also view the changelog.