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Library Documentation (v 0.13.0)


Simple loading and saving of data.
Optional! Sets the name of the savefile to that Save.load() and Save.savevalue() will use. By default, the save filename is "haxegongame".
Save.savevalue(key:String, value:?)
Saves a value. Can be loaded later with Save.loadvalue().
Save.loadvalue(key:String, ?defaultvalue:?)
Loads a value that you've previously saved with Save.savevalue(). If no saved value for that key exists, then it returns the defaultvalue.
Returns true if a value has been saved for this key in the current file, false otherwise.
Returns true if a given save file exists, false otherwise.
Deletes all saved values in a given filename. If no filename is given, deletes all saved values in "haxegongame".
An array of strings, containing all the keys in the current save file.