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Library Documentation (v 0.13.0)


Advanced functions to change how your program runs.
Get the current version of Haxegon. Haxegon and its extensions use Sematic Versioning: https://semver.org/
Change the game's framerate.
is equal to the number of seconds passed since the game started.
Core.imagesmoothing :Bool
Set to true uses bilinear smoothing when displaying images. Set to false by default.
Core.enablescreen :Bool
Advanced. Set to true to disable the Haxegon screen completely. This is useful if you just want to use Starling display objects directly!
Set to true to show stats like framerate.
Core.delaycall(f:Function, t:Float)
Tells Haxegon to call this function after "t" seconds have passed.
Native targets only. Closes the application.
Works on HTML5 target only (returns false on other targets). Returns true if the user is viewing the app in a mobile browser (like iPhone Safari).
Native targets only. Gives you access to the native window object. See OpenFL documentation for more information.
Core.fullscreenbutton(x:Float, y:Float, width:Float, height:Float)
For security reasons, most browsers will not allow your application to enter fullscreen mode unless the change is triggered as a result of a mouse click (in a specific, low level way). This function designates a rectange on the screen that, when clicked, will toggle fullscreen mode. It is up to you to draw something on the screen that looks like a fullscreen button below this!
import haxegon.*;

class Main {
 public function init(){
    Core.fullscreenbutton(0, 0, Gfx.screenwidth, Gfx.screenheight);
 public function update() {
  Gfx.drawbox(5, 5, Gfx.screenwidth - 5, Gfx.screenheight - 5, Col.WHITE);
  Text.size = 3;
  Text.display(Text.CENTER, Text.CENTER, "Click anywhere to toggle fullscreen");