Note: The recommended way to use Haxegon is to install it via haxelib:

haxelib install haxegon

0.9.0 (2017-06-02)

New features

  • Added a new simple example to the haxegon-samples repo: Filters.
  • Added support for simple fullscreen filters. Currently just bloom and blur, but more coming soon!
    Filter.bloom = 1.0; // Enable bloom filter
    Filter.bloom = 2.0; // Enable really bright bloom filter
    Filter.blur = true; // Enable blur filter
    Filter.reset(); //Disable all active filters
  • Redesign of the Debug class. There’s now a nicer and more useful Debug window, with the following two functions:
    Debug.log("Error!"); //Output an error to the console and the debug window
    Debug.clear(); //Clear the debug window
  • Added handy new colour shifting functions:
    //Returns a colour with the RGB components (0-255) adjusted.
    newcolour = Col.shiftred(oldcolour, amount);
    newcolour = Col.shiftgreen(oldcolour, amount);
    newcolour = Col.shiftblue(oldcolour, amount);
    //Returns a colour with the hue component (0-360) adjusted.
    newcolour = Col.shifthue(oldcolour, amount);
    //Returns a colour with the saturation or lightness (0-1.0) adjusted.
    newcolour = Col.multiplysaturation(oldcolour, amount);
    newcolour = Col.multiplylightness(oldcolour, amount);
  • Cleanup to Random.hx. Some old cluttery functions have been removed - Random.pickint(), Random.pickfloat(), Random.pickstring() (just use Random.pick()!), also Random.occasional() and Random.rare() (just use Random.chance(percentodds:Float)!).
  • Added Random.shuffle().
    var temparray:Array< String> = ["cat", "dog", "pig", "rabbit", "frog"];
    Debug.log("Original order is: " + temparray);
    Debug.log("After shuffling: " + temparray);

Bug fixes/Tweaks

  • Updated to work with the latest 5.0 versions of OpenFL and Lime.
  • Fixed smoothing issue with Gfx.drawsubimage().
  • Disabled right click on Flash target. You can press Ctrl + Left Click to simulate a right click on Flash.
  • Fixed a bug where haxegon wasn’t using the fps value from project.xml. (via
  • Default FPS is now 60 instead of 30.
  • Internal improvements to drawing primatives. (via
  • Support for quadbatching on Gfx.drawhexagon(), Gfx.fillhexagon(), Gfx.drawcircle() and Gfx.fillcircle(), resulting in speed improvements on all those functions.
  • Fixed Mouse.offscreen() (via
  • Fixed a crash bug if you draw a circle of radius 0.
  • Fixed line thickness on Gfx.drawbox().
  • Fixed Random.seed.
  • General cleanups to the library.