Note: The recommended way to use Haxegon is to install it via haxelib:

haxelib install haxegon

0.8.0 (2017-03-10)

New features

  • Implemented Gfx.getpixel(). It’s very slow right now - I’ll work on speeding it up for the next version!
  • Default font has changed from Verdana to the bitmap font PC Paint Normal. This is included in the engine, and doesn’t require you to include any assets.
  • Calling Gfx.clearscreen(Col.TRANSPARENT) when drawing to an image now restores the transparency of that image.
  • On Native targets, you can capture the mouse cursor by setting the values of Mouse.x and Mouse.y.
  • Implemented Mouse.offscreen().
  • Some new helper functions added to Geom (which was called Help in the last build). All Geom functions work in Radians, to be consistant with Haxe’s Math class.
    //Return the smallest angle between a and b, including sign:
    var smallestangle:Float = Geom.anglebetween(a, b);
    //Clamp a value between a minimum and maximum value
    var clamptedvalue:Float = Geom.clamp(value, min, max);
    //Convert radians to degrees, and vice versa
    var rad:Float = Geom.todegrees(deg);
    var deg:Float = Geom.todegrees(rad);

Bug fixes/Tweaks

  • The Help class has been renamed Geom. The renamed functions are Geom.inbox, Geom.overlap, Geom.getangle and Geom.distance.
  • Gfx.scale() can be called with no parameters to reset image scale setting (Same as Gfx.scale(1, 1)).
  • Gfx.scale() can be called with a single parameter scale x and y the same.
  • Fixed a crash when calling Text.width() on a font you haven’t drawn with yet.