Note: The recommended way to use Haxegon is to install it via haxelib:

haxelib install haxegon

0.4.0-alpha (2016-12-10)

New features

  • Thanks to new updates to both OpenFL and Starling, Haxegon now works on HTML5! Native targets will come later, and HTML5 should improve as time goes on. My intention is for HTML5 to eventually be the lead target.
  • Added Gfx.fullscreen boolean. Set to true or false anywhere to toggle fullscreen!
  • Gfx.resizescreen() no longer takes a scale parameter - the canvas now automatically scales to fit the current window.
  • Added two new examples to the haxegon-samples repo: Music and Sounds, and Scene Change.
  • Moved color functions from Gfx.hx to Col.hx, where they seem to make more sense:

    Col.rgb(red [0-255], green [0-255], blue [0-255]);
    Col.hsl(hue [0-360], saturation [0-1.0], lightness [0-1.0]);
  • Added some new string manipulation functions to S.hx:

    S.join(array, separator); //Returns a single string of the elements of array joined together
    S.seperate(array, delimiter); //Returns an array of strings, split by the given delimiter.
    S.asciicode(character); //Returns the ASCII value of the character.
    S.fromascii(ascii code); //Converts an ascii code to a string. E.g. fromascii(65) == "A"

Bug fixes/Tweaks

  • New - startfullscreen has been removed from project.xml. You shouldn’t need to update unless your project folder is older than 0.3. (if you want to start in fullscreen now, just set Gfx.fullscreen = true; in your function.)
  • Fixed crash if you resized the window.
  • Fixed crash if calling drawing functions in
  • Speed up to drawing to surfaces other than the screen.
  • Fix to .OGG loading on HTML5.
  • Cleaned up some old hashdefines, and general library cleanup. Deleted haxegon/util folder.