Note: The recommended way to use Haxegon is to install it via haxelib:

haxelib install haxegon

0.10.0 (2017-08-26)

New features

  • This is mostly just a compatibility update for OpenFL 6.0. Haxegon now works with the latest versions of OpenFL and Lime.
  • Added support for Key.ANY. (Thanks to @nachoverdon for the suggestion!):
    if(Input.pressed(Key.ANY)) // True if ANY key is being pressed right now
    if(Input.justpressed(Key.ANY)) // True if ANY key has just been pressed
  • Changed Gfx.imagealpha and Gfx.imagecolor to variables instead of functions. Also added three new shortcut functions to reset image drawing settings - Gfx.resetalpha(), Gfx.resetcolor() and Gfx.reset():
    Gfx.imagealpha = 0.5;
    Gfx.imagecolor = Col.GREEN;
    Gfx.drawimage(x, y, "someimage");
    Gfx.resetalpha(); //Same as calling Gfx.imagealpha = 1
    Gfx.resetcolor(); //Same as calling Gfx.imagecolor = Col.WHITE
    Gfx.reset();      //Resets colour, alpha, rotation and scale
  • Added an optional alpha parameter to Text.display(). (Thanks to @nachoverdon for the suggestion!)
    Text.display(x, y, "spooky see through text", Col.WHITE, 0.5);

Bug fixes/Tweaks

  • Removed deprecated startfullscreen setting from
  • Documentation updates.